My trip to Russia..

My trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia was very special thanks to my great sponsor, Oksana Peslyak of Sirin Tribe. She and her crew were all very professional, incredibly sweet and took well care of me. I think I am very spoiled now!!

They took me to an amazing city tour with a professional guide, I had a special private lesson on how to drink vodka properly with the ladies of Sirin Tribe, a little after party in a white limousine with my favorite champagne, and one of the best high lights was Romeo and Juliet at Mariinsky Theater with the top principal dancer, Diana Vishneva!!!!
Of course whole event Oksana organized was fantastic! All of my workshop classes were filled with enthusiastic fast learners. They had tons of great questions and I had great time exploring them and answering to them all!


All the performers at the show were gorgeous. I truly enjoyed watching them having fun on the stage!
Oksana and all the girls of Sirin Tribe, thank you so much for your warmest hospitality!

オクサーナ、そしてSirin Tribeのみんな、本当にありがとうございました。


My favorite “blood” church..
Can you see that the river is completely frozen?! Yes, it was very very VERY COLD there!!

Beautiful Hermitage Museum..

How to drink vodka properly..

gorgeous Mariinsky Theater..

Oh, and here is a clip of a slow piece by yours truly! - 最後に今回ロシアで踊らせて頂きました「宵待草」でございます。